Meet Michael Chalker, Branch Manager of
Service First Home Loans


In the spirit of a Sherpa who understands that the true essence of mastery is not just in reaching the summit but in the journey and the countless steps taken, I stand before you. With a commitment deepened through over 60,000 hours, equivalent to more than three decades of unwavering dedication, I am ready to guide you with the wisdom and experience I have gathered. My path has been illuminated by a profound commitment to my faith, family, our splendid nation, and the heroic patriots who have safeguarded its glory. These pillars have steered me through two distinct but equally noble vocations: serving with pride in the United States Marine Corps and now extending my seasoned expertise to you as your mortgage guide.

As we set forth on this expedition together, be it in pursuit of your first home, refinancing your current sanctuary, or the intricate dance of relocation, my extensive journey of over three decades in mortgage lending is your beacon. With the heart of a Sherpa, committed to your success and inspired by the sanctity of our mission, I extend my hands, ready to guide you through every twist and turn. Together, we will not just navigate this path but also savor the journey, ensuring that your steps are fruitful and profoundly transformative.


Michael Chalker
Branch Manager

Service First Home Loans
NMLS: #33580
2301 S. Stearman Drive, Chandler, AZ 85286
Office: 480-345-1005 Ext. 849
Text: 480-470-1932

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